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Your Gifts Can Change The World


we’re media missionaries and we’re here to recruit you.

Too many creative, young Christians spend their lives without ever discovering their full potential. They can’t really find their place, mostly because they never had anyone show them how to refine their gifts into something purposeful.
We don’t want that to happen to you. That’s why we started The Key with help from our partner Medialight. The world is speaking new language – media; you can become the messengers this world is searching for today.


challenging, encouraging & inspiring family

Your mission is to bring the gospel to the world, ours is to help you find your voice. Get hands-on media training that builds confidence and clarity for your life’s mission. You won’t be alone.


we’re media missionaries and we’re here to recruit you.

A healthy and active learning environment with three weeks of hands-on training, equipment provided. Attentive mentors to guide you into clarity and competence.
A professional skillset so you can impact the world through media. A sacred season of personal growth, time away from your busy life to pray, worship and think.
And alot delicious local food and lodging. The opportunity to see one of the most beautiful countries. The privilege of building lifetime friendships with amazing people from around the world.

TIMELINE: 26 NOV - 18 DEC, 2019

we’re waiting for you, come on!

We are now accepting applications for our next session.You can change lives through media. Find out how our live school in Dala, Vietnam can help you become the media messenger this generation is searching for.
School fee covers all room, board, tuition, equipment rental and in-country travel to explore the beauty of Dalat with mountains, waterfalls, and tribal communities.
  • 25% Scholarship
  • $ 1,050 usd
    • This is an invitation-only program. If you are interested in applying, you’re welcome.
    • With 25% of scholarships, we would love to encourage you join in this season.
  • 50% Scholarship
  • $ 700 usd
    • We dedicate this section especially to students from developing countries and serving the Lord.
    • With our 50% scholarship which our staffs and friend save for a year whom love you and want to share a part with you in your journey with God.
  • I Can Pay Full
  • $ 1,400 usd
    • We encourage you to do this it will be a great gift for other students.
    • You will be surprised to see God use you to express His love and support.
    • God bless you.