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My name is Seven, alumnus of The Key. I’m a photographer and my fiancée is an owner of a lovely cake shop, we just had a trip to do photoshoot  in Dalat for our wedding. Let’s us tour you around this beautiful coldly “town”!


listening to the noon going down in the romantic town

The city itself is quite unique as a mixture between culture of Vietnam and a town like in France. Being discovered by French in late 19th century. Da Lat has a cool climate of temperate from 15°C to 24 °C even inside a tropical country.

geology and climate

The pine forests created a charming Dalat, that is “jewels” of the city. Moreover, it also plays an active role in creating habitat in this place with the air is fresh and pleasant. There are many sloping hills and valleys between the mountains in Dalat. The residents and farms is between the valleys. Xuan Huong Lake is considered to be center of the city.

city diversity of flowers

Visitors when traveling around Dalat may discover many beautiful waterfalls, lakes, hills and valleys of flowers and grass hills and enjoy products of Dalat including many kinds of fruits such as: Persimmon, Plum, Peach, Avocado…, many unique traditional dishes and souvenirs only found in Dalat.

the culture and people

Dalat features a beautiful cultural identity of the Highlands. At village festivals, you can see them dancing, singing, playing musical instruments that sounds like the sound of the wind howling, the sound of waterfall flowing over rocks. Dalat Flower Festival is held every year to promoting a positive image of the city, the culture and the people of Dalat.

Who knows where this will lead you?